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Where the hell is Gokul?

  1. Feb 15, 2005 #1
    gokul sure gets around, I had a question to ask him last night at one in the morning, but I didn't know where he was. I started asking people if they had seen him. I asked one person an hour and each one told me a different forum to look in: General Physics, General engineering, and Homework Help, to name just a few. Can you figure out who I talked to, what time I talked to them and where they told me to look?
    1. It was not 1am when I spoke to Andromeda and she didn't tell me to look in General Engineering. I was given that advice from someone either immediately before or after Andromeda.
    2.I spoke to dextercioby before I was told to check the politics forum but after I had spoken to Astronuc.
    3.I was told to check the Chemistry forum before the Homework forum, and homework was already suggested by the time I spoke to franz.
    4.The second person I talked to said he had just seen Gokul in the Chemistry Forum.
    5.I found out that in Generals it is a bad idea to look for Gokul, because he wasn't in either, Physics or Engineering.
    6.I talked to someone who said he saw Gokul in the Politics forum and I talked to marlon, I talked to these two people at 3 and 5 but I can't remember in which order.
    7.I was told where Gokul was at 5am and he was there, but by then I had forgotten why I was looking for him in the first place.
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    This is a completely original tribdog puzzle. Hopefully harder than the last, hopefully with only one correct answer.
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    My answer in white:

    1 Astronuc Gen. Physics
    2 Dextercioby Chemistry
    3 Marlon Homework
    4 franz Gen. Engineering
    5 Andromeda Politics

    At least with tribdog originals, you know nobody else has already posted the brainteaser before. :biggrin:
  5. Feb 16, 2005 #4
    incorrect answer, close though. but according to clue #6 incorrect.
    you are a sex doctor you should have caught this one.
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    Grr...missed that. Very clever to sneak in a clue with such an easily overlooked word. I'll try again later if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  7. Feb 16, 2005 #6
    Nevermind, i made a huge mistake.
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  8. Feb 16, 2005 #7
    Why did you not just send Gokul a private mesage? :tongue2:

    Took me a while to realize that word, I think it is the one Moonbear is refering to.

    Here is my answer:

    1am: Astronuc: Gen physics
    2am: Dexter: Chemistry
    3am: Marlon: Gen Engineering
    4am: Andromeda: Homework
    5am: Franz: Politics
  9. Feb 18, 2005 #8


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    1, Astro, GP
    2, Dex, Chem
    3, Marlon, GE
    4, Andro, Home
    5, Franz, Politics

    Am I the weiner?
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