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Where this life comes from ?

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    Five minutes ago I opened a bag of sandwich bread that someone of my family had forgotten (I suposse months ago) in my kitchen.
    The bread was completely green. So green it seemed some kind of fake bread.

    As far as I know, life has appeared there as form of bacterias.

    How is possible for that bacteria to appear without any other "interaction"?
    Where does the energy needed to perform this "birth" come from?
    How long can that bacterias (in that bread) live?
    Maybe stupid but, why green? :confused:

    Thanks to all replys. :biggrin:
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    It is not a bacteria that contaminated your bread. It is a fungi, and it mighty be a Aspergillus or Trichoderma. The mold in the form of a spore that are in the air usually comes into contact with the bread as soon as you open the bag. The green colour is produce by either secondary-metabolite, digestive enzyme, waste, cellular metabolite, antibiotics or the interaction of these chemicals with environment.

    The growth of the mold is iniated by the moist and nutriment rich environment provided by the bread. The mold feeds on the bread untill there is no more bread which can take many weeks.

    Hopefully you did not the bag. Once the bag is open, the kitchen would be contaminated with mold spore and it could increase the risk of food contamination resuting in spoilage.
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