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Where to buy a lab coat?

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    I need to buy a lab coat for someone but I want to have our university and some other logos embroidered onto it. Does anyone know of a place where I can have this done and have it done fast? I've emailed a couple places I found online but haven't received any responses.:frown: I'm thinking it might be easier just to order the lab coat but take it to some other place to have it embroidered?
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    You could probably put the logos on yourself. Sometimes they have patches that are heat activated and you sew on as well. No point paying extra money for what you can do just as good on your own, that's my motto! :tongue:

    Just wondering, why do you want to have your university logo on it?

    I remeber my physics teacher had his lab coat and it had a NASA scientist mission patch on it. Was funny when he tried convincing us he worked for NASA.
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