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Where to buy bulk chemicals?

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    By "bulk chemical" i mean I need a pound of calcium carbide. anyone know where to get it? If i get it under its laymans headng, as in the stuff used for hobbying, its kind of expensive, esp for a large quantity. I assume this is markup.

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    Calcium Carbide is a Hazardous material, so anywhere you're going to be buying it from is going to have a $60 dollar fee just for shipping.
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    actually i just found a place that ships 500g (plenty) for $8, not sure on shipping, but im sure its not that much. after all, the substance isnt dangerous by itself and only really reactive with water
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    By the way

    I read recently that carbide lamps are no longer sold in the United States. What do cavers use these days?
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    batteries. use no oxygen, cheap to replace, last longer, and much less accidents.
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    CaCl2 isn't dangerous, it forms a hydrate with water. That's what damp-rid is, CaCl2. I wouldn't eat it though.
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    Yes it isnt dangerous, however it produces Acetelyne gas which is extremely flammable. They use it in blowtorches afterall.
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    what's the dern difference anyway?
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    Calcium Carbide = [tex]CaC_2[/tex]

    Calcium Chloride = [tex]CaCl_2[/tex]

    Huge difference ! The former reacts with water to make ethylene. The latter is used as a dessicant, to keep things safe from moisture.
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    Why oh why did I mention calcium chloride?
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    Try www.calcium-carbide.com. They sell a pound (450g) for $12.50, and this includes S&H.

    If you need a lot more,

    VWR sells 80% CaC2 @ $22.40 per 1000g tin and $86.70 for a 5-pack. This does not include S&H.

    PS : Shipping is cheap if you don't mind waiting a few days, ie. ship by truck.
    However, if you need next day delivery, then shipping will increase ten-fold because of new regulations on air-cargo handling.
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    I recently paid over a hundred bucks for shipping a tiny 50cc bottle of Gallium - FedEx overnight.
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