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Where to Find a College Physics 7th Ed. (Serway/Faughn) Instructor's Ed. Textbook?

  1. May 6, 2007 #1
    Hey all. I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum to ask a question like this or not, but I'm wondering if anyone has or knows where I can get the Instructor's Ed. of the College Physics 7th Edition textbook with complete solution sets for all the questions.

    I'm in a class where we basically only have quizes, homework questions from the text and exams. The homework questions for the semester have already been given, but will not be submitted until the end of the semester. With that way of doing it, I'll be doing homework questions not knowing if my answers are correct until the end of the semester. I'd rather know before the exams if I'm not understanding a topic or doing an equation wrong.

    I had the same type of issue with Inorganic Chemistry last semester and it helped a lot to check my homework with the solution manual. The actual textbook I'm using is:

    College Physics 7th Edition - Serway/Faughn - ISBN 0-534-99918-2

    The Instructor's Edition of the same textbook (according to my textbook) is ISBN 0-534-99724-4

    If someone on the forum has the solution text, could you verify the ISBN? Thanks.
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    Instructors manual should not be in possession of students. That is why it is called "Instructors Manual". It isn't meant to be used and sold to students. Publishers will only provide to the dept. that use that particular text. Depending on your school's policy, students in possession of such manual can be considered as cheating and subject to disciplinary actions.

    We at PF do NOT recommend nor condone any discussion about obtaining such text.

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