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Where to find journal articles?

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    I want to find David Bohms original articles on his interpretation of quantum mechanics from 1952. And Paul Diracs 1932 paper on principle of least action in quantum mechanics.
    I searched for articles at my schools library and I could find articles that had sighted their names but I did not find their articles that I wanted. Maybe I just didn't search hard enough.
    Does any one have advice on this.
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    Assuming you're in the USA, talk to the staff at your school's library. There's this thing called "interlibrary loan" where they can get materials (or copies) for you from other libraries. You'll probably have to wait a few days.
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    ok thanks for your response
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    I can read the one by Dirac. I can request the other one from my schools library.
    Thanks for your post tho.
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    JSTOR can be helpful too.
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