Programs Where to find PhD and Masters Thesis online?

  1. Any sites where I could read and download copies of these? I will be at this level soon, and I need some insight. One of the professors at my school (Cal Poly, SLO) has his available to read. This gave me a much better idea about what it really takes and how to go about it. I am especially interested in mechanical engineering thesis.
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  3. I know some universties have some posted on their web pages. Well atleast the one I'm in does.
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    Im very interestd in finding out too. Id like to see what i should be prepared to do in the future (always interesting to think of what you'll be able to do in teh future).
  5. check with your school's library/libraries. They may have a bunch stored,on microfiche or in searchable database. You should be able to get a copy of a few to peruse. At the university I went to, grad students have to submit one copy of their thesis to the library where it eventually ended up in the microfiche record (that was a few years ago, don't know where they end up stored now). I believe they were also submitted to the National Library of Canada, where they ended up in microfiche. Those you can search for here
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  6. Ask your advisor, either in the department archives or in your library, but every thesis is kept, and none is thrown away, so they must be somewhere.
  7. Our school only goes to the masters level. No PhD stuff available. So it seems that I would have to go to a particular institutions archives. Or do online archives exist?
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    More recent ones might be online, but I'm not sure. Older ones will be on microfiche or in hardcopies in a library somewhere. You might be able to get your hands on some via interlibrary loan. Ask your librarian for help. I'm not sure how you'd search for them, but there must be a way since they are in the library stacks.
  9. Check out It is a new venture where you will be able to upload your OWN thesis and download others PhD thesis. It is totally Open Source.
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    lol thanks for bringing up a 4 year old thread
  11. Wow.
  12. there is this wonderful collection which i find very interesting.. they have good way of user interface as well.
  13. try, for example

    I know at least a couple Universities that have thesis online.
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    lol thanks for bringing up a 5 year old thread
  15. I need a Master thesis on Gender and political discourse in Algeria
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    A library would be your best bet.
  17. lol thanks for bringing up a 7 year old thread
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