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Where to find physics tutor?

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    I'm taking college physics right now over the summer semester and really struggling with it. Because it's summer my college tutoring center is closed. Does anyone have any advice on places to find a good physics tutor in my area?
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    This post should probably be in the PF lounge or somewhere similar. Also we don't know where your area is??
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    I know that, I just meant to ask what would be a good way to go about finding a tutor in general.
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    Yellow pages?
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    Go to a university and enter in the building of the physics area. Check the adds on the walls, there is probably someone (a physics student) that can give you particular lessons to help you.
    Edit : Or make your own add, and post it into the faculty, or close to it if it's forbidden. This way someone interested for a part time job related to teach physics will call you.
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    Ask your professor to recommend a tutor for you. Most schools that offer summer courses also have graduate departments, and grad students have more free time over the summer and are always broke. Tutoring intro physics isn't all that time-consuming - it shouldn't be hard to find someone. Your professor probably knows a few grads who would consider it - email him/her and ask.
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