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Homework Help: Where to get Answer Book

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    I was wondering if anyone knew where you could get a walkthrough on how to do problems for Physics 4th edition Volume I. Resnick Halliday Krane ISBN number: 0471804584 ... If anyone could tell me where I could locate one it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Are looking for a book...?Then the best place to find it (free) is the LIBRARY... :tongue2:

    If you're looking for a (.pdf) file on the web,try to google for "solutions to Halliday,Resnick" or something equivalent... :wink:

    And if you have the bad luck to come up with nothing,there's always PF-HW section... :tongue2:

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    I was hoping to find a specific book... if I knew the name of the book I would go to the libary, although I hope to purchase the book. Also if anyone could find a link to the pdf online please give me a link
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    Has anyone been able to locate a book or something online yet. I have been searching for a long time, any help on locating the solution set would be a great help for me. Thanks
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    I didn't have any luck finding the solutions manual for the 4th edition.
    Here's the companion site for the 5th edition of the book. They only have the solutions for the first 3 chapters, and the rest of Wiley's (the publisher) website pretty much sucks. I guess there's a chance they still have the companion site for the 4th edition online, but I wouldn't bet on it- they don't list anything for the 4th edition.
    I did find the solutions manual for the 5th edition on Amazon. Of course, I don't know how different the problems are between the 4th and 5th. Luckily, the 5th edition is searchable so you can look up the problems and see if they are the same. :biggrin: The page numbers for the problems are listed in the table of contents, and you can search by page number. For instance, the problems for chapter 2 begin on page 31. So you search for "31", click on the result that says "page 31", and you're good to go.
    Hope this helps. If not, let me know, and I'll try again.
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    Some web site have answers for those solution which is not available in the book market.
    Perhaps some students did the solution and sell them online in charge of some money.
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