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Where to give away books?

  1. Jul 30, 2010 #1
    I went to a local library to give away four of my Dover books on differential geometry, mathematical physics, and tensor analysis which I don't need anymore. The librarian said they couldn't take those books because it didn't meet their guidelines.

    I tried ebay, but it failed, and tried Craigslist free giveaway couple of times, but received no replies.

    I really don't want to throw them away. Is there any place, website, or idea to give it away...
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    college/high school/ .. I am sure if you just put books anywhere in a college along with a "FREE" note on them, they are guaranteed to be disappeared in few moments.
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    As a fun idea check out www.bookcrossing.com
    I had actually forgotten about that site until I read your post and started thinking. Basically the idea is you leave one or more books in a safe publicly accessible location then register them on the site. People can look up books on the site and then go look for them at the location they were left or they may simply stumble upon the book and take it home. I think you are supposed to mark the book in some fashion that will lead any finders to the site. Any one who takes a book is supposed to register its status on the site and then "release" it again when they are done with it noting its status and location on the site. In this way you are supposed to be able to keep track of traveling books from one place and owner to another.

    I'm not sure how well it will work for text books but its an interesting idea. I've been meaning to "release" some books myself someday.
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    I did. What a great idea. I see that there is a copy of Quantum Mechanics by Franz Mandl that has been sitting on a bench outside of the shopping center in Coventry England for 4 years now. Instead of going to the University Library or sending my money to Amazon for a used copy, I am going to buy a round-trip ticket to England so I can pick up my free copy. Thanks.

    Edit. Hey you guys, I got dibs. Don't be running over there to pick it up before me.
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    This is like "Where is George" where you can track where your dollars bills are circulating.

    Interesting concept. Although I wouldn't book a flight half way across the world just for one text...
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