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Where to go? Physics Graduate

  1. Jun 18, 2009 #1
    So I am approaching my senior year. Studying right now for the GRE and all that standard buisness that we go through during the summer before senior year. I've got a dilemma though. I don't have a great idea of where I should aim for. I am pretty open to any location but I want to be sure that I go somewhere that will fit my abilities and I can't find great stats out there on different schools.

    My interests are mostly Theoretical Physics (In general), Particle Physics, and Medical Physics.
    Some stats on me are:

    GPA: 3.7
    Research Experience: 1 Year Computational Physics work

    And I figure I will do average or a bit above average on both the regular GRE and the Physics GRE.

    So where should I go? Medical physics has become a bit sketch for me (was my original hope to go to UW-Madison for it) due to my Fin. Aid calling me and telling me that I can't take the required biology and chemistry classes.

    If anyone has got some tips about where I should be trying to place myself I would appreciate it. With that information I can contact some of the graduate students there and try and get an idea for each of the different programs.

    Thank you for your help and cooperation. :D
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    If it helps, biology and chemistry are not necessarily required for entry into all medical physics graduate programs (although they certainly help). UW-Madison has a well-respected program, but there are others. You could check out:
    for a list of accredited programs.
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    Hm. I'll take another look at that list thanks.

    What about schools for Theoretical or Particle Physics? I haven't the foggiest clue of where are good places to go for those areas.
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