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Where to go, what to do

  1. Aug 1, 2007 #1
    I've just discovered this forum and have almost been addicted to it. I've seen lots of good advice and since I am coming up on some big decisions in the next few months, I thought you guys/gals could give me some of that wonderful advice.

    I am a starting my senior year this fall at the University of Kansas and am a math major. I love the subject and it dominates the majority of my time. The undergraduate mathematics here is not as challenging as it would be on the coasts, but after attending a summer program and where baby Rudin was force fed to me for about 7 weeks, I began taking the graduate level classes here which are much more challenging. The most "advanced" courses I've taken thus far are classes like Commutative Algebra, Green Rudin Complex Analysis, Algebraic Topology and will be doing Measure Theory and more assorted algebra topics this fall along with a senior thesis in Algebraic Topology.

    This is my background and so now, the problem is, that I have to start choosing graduate schools this fall and applying etc... I am studying for the Subject Test so I think (hope) my scores for that will be somewhat pleasing. My GPA will be about 3.5 +/- .1 and should have some pretty good letters. So with all this said and knowing that I will most likely want to be some kind of algebraist, can anyone give any good suggestions about where I should look into applying? (keep in mind I like the east coast) And even, what types of algebraic math you enjoy most and why? (so I can see what people out there are doing).
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