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Where to go ?

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    I have enough of living in this materialistic, money obsessed country (sorry if I offended anyone) and since I'm single without any finanncial obligation and with some cash saved ( 10 K) I want to move away from here to live between people who are more enlightened, tolerant,less violent and good towards animals.
    I'm also vegan, so I guess there are not many choicess for me.Of course first in mind comes Tibet,Nepal,maybe northern India.
    What do you guys think, where my suppose to go?
    I can work in the fields no problem,just need roof over my head and food, but most important for me is to live with friendly people.
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    Why not give the 'Great White North' a shot? It's close enough culturally and geographically that it won't be a huge transition, but closer to what you're looking for. (There are some really terrific people and communities in the States, but you do have that government to deal with.)
    Even though I'm an Albertan, I would actually recommend the Maritimes for a start. The people there are down to earth, friendly as hell, and half nuts. At least visit for a while to see if you like it. :smile:
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    If your going to Canada, I wouldn't recommend the maritimes, or at least not New Brunswick. New Brunswick is a farming province where people like meat and potatoes. I don't think you'd find the liberal, vegan paradise your looking for because we are quite Conservative. As a Liberal, Agnostic Atheist, Vegetarian, I sometimes feel like my rational beliefs ostracize me from others. I salute your veganism - I'm thinking of becoming vegan when I'm older, circumstances make it difficult. If you leave for Canada, my suggestion is Vancouver, but the cost of living there ... ouch.
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    Okay, you caught me. :redface: I was just trying to steer him away from me. How 'bout we compromise and stick him in Moose Jaw? :biggrin:
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    lol! I wouldn't live in a place called Moose Jaw, but since he likes animals, maybe Moose Jaw is the ideal place for him. :approve: He'll probably be avoiding Canada now that he's seen our strange idea of humor, lol.
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    You should avoid listening to anything Dooga says about Canada, he has an irrational hatred of every province except Quebec.
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    You should scratch Nepal, Tibet off the list. The Chinese government has a way of making young Americians vanish. Remember in these countries you have no civil rights. These are places of great unrest right now. Plus they eat alot of Yak and sheep meat..Ever try Yak butter tea? Not many veggies grow there.

    finding a place thats enlightened, tolerant,less violent and good towards animals I would tend to look towards Borneo..malaysia. Warm, lots of fruits and veggies !
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    i meant to say non western countries,and i know usa,canada,europe very well :yuck:
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    I like how people say they know Canada very well when they don't. Sorry dude, but I know you know **** about Canada.
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    I live in Mississauga just outside Toronto.Ha Ha Ha !
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    I can't say I have ever heard anyone say that about Canada.
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    Don't move out of the U.S.
    Move out of your state.(Which state do you live in? I could help)
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    I say it all the time.
    The Canadian Provinces differ a LOT between eachother, BC, Maritimes, and the Territories are vastly different from the the central states (which are themselves different from the prairies) and eachother, in both people and landscape.

    That said, you can find 'nice people' anywhere in the world.
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    Perhaps an uninhabited island somewhere? :tongue2:
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    You will that pretty much anywhere in the world.
    No - too dangerous. Nepal has a problem with Maoist insurgents, who appear to be supported by the Chinese government - another proxy war.
    Actually, northern Pakistan, particularly Hunzaland may be the place.

    http://www.hunzaexperience.com/hunza.htm [Broken]
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    Hey Astronuc--like the new avatar. The old one always weirded me out a bit. Too many flashbacks to Jerry Rubin... :biggrin:
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    After the 2004 election, was it 10,000 Americans that inquired about immigrating to Canada? Scared the hell out of the Canadians (even though these Americans just wanted to escape the oppression of the Bush regime :eek: ). You could be more neighborly.
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    If you learn how to spell things like 'neighbourly' and 'colour' and 'manoeuvre', we'll welcome you as one of our own. (And it's zed, dammit, not zee.)

    edit: As much as I love their music, I bet ZZ Topp never even considered how stupid their name sounds up here. :grumpy:
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    Funny thing is I also lived in British Columbia, (beautiful nature there),don't want to go to Alberta and prairies-bunch of yahoos and drunken natives .Atlantic Canada has too many seal killers.
    Quebec is the only province I would chose, and I respect French Canadians the most.
    Someone sugested Malaysia,hmmm ? yeah ! Malaysia sounds good,just one question do they have weed there ? :wink:
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    heh, YA THINK?
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