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Where to look?

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    Where to look???

    When I see a news story about when to see celestial events (in this case an alignment) how much to I have to adjust for my geographic position on the Earth?? I am reading a story directed at those in the United States, but as I am currently in a different hemisphere how would I alter my field of view??? For example, if I were in the Eastern Hemisphere, and it says look in the morning, I should look in the Evening???

    I know it's a very basic question, but I'm a novice stargazer...
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    The relative position of the Moon and Planets will not change much during the day (24 hours), so that if one uses the same local time, one can see the objects. However the azimuth will vary according to latitude, since one's angle of observation is influence by orientation with respect to gravity (along a radial line toward the center of the earth).

    Venus and Jupiter will converge and the Moon will be crossing near that point in the sky.
    http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20080125/sc_space/spectacularskyshowvenusjupiterandthemoon [Broken]
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