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Where to start this thread

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    Hi folk-

    I'd like to start a thread on the general issue of gravitational waves and their detectors. I want to make it amusing and informative, and 'grow' it every few days. It's a hypothetical, but certainly is not 'original research' or 'overly speculative'. Reference links will be attached to any controversial hypotheses.

    Thread title- "Help! My Waistline is a Rotating Ellipse...", the first posted lines to be-

    Help! My waistline is a rotating ellipse and my friend in Alaska says she's changing height 8 times a second.

    or- A Hypothetical for Cosmologists.

    * * *​

    Does this belong in Astronomy, Cosmology, S & GR or the trash basket?

    Newbie Rick

    P.S. I'm not even sure I've posted THIS in the right place.
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    I would think either astrophysics or SR/GR forums. Don't make it too flip. (It isn't really cosmology).
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    Thanks again PAllen. It won't begin until the literary side is sorted as well as the scientific base.
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