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Where to start

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    I'm having trouble learning electronics because I don't know what to start with. For example in order to learn about capacitors I need to know what they're used for. I know they store charge but I don't know what this stored charge is used for. When I read up on them it tells me they're used for coupling, smoothing, filtering, tuning, etc. but I have no idea what any of those things are so I can't get a proper understanding of the function of a capacitor.

    If I look up what coupling, smoothing, and all that stuff are it gives explanations involving transistors and things like that but I don't understand anything about transistors yet.

    Is it best to learn about the components separately from the beginning or learn about all the different functions of electronics circuits like coupling, smoothing, amplifying so when I read about components I'll know what purpose they serve?

    I'm having serious trouble with transistors and radio circuits at the moment.
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    You may have seen me giving this advice already (multiple times), but I would highly recommend that you check out the book "The Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill:


    It is a very practical beginning electronics textbook. It is used in many intro EE courses at universities, and is also a great self-study book. It will take you from the basics of RC circuits, up through basic microcontroller concepts. Read this book cover-to-cover, and many of your questions will be answered. And for those that are not answered by that book, you always have the PF!
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