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Where to start?

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    Hello everyone,

    After reading a physics problem or any problem, do you ever find you dont know where to start? If you have, what are some ways to overcome that?
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    Draw a diagram.
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    - Do you understand what is being asked?
    (If not, try rephrasing the question in your own words, or seek clarification.)
    - Are there terms used in the question that you don't understand?
    (If so, you need to do some mroe reading.)
    - Collect and organize the given information.
    - Is this sufficient information to solve the problem?
    (You may not know this from the onset, but it's a good question to continually ask yourself. Sometimes not everything is provided and you have to do a little more reading to collect the relevant data.)
    - What are the relevant equations? What concepts (such as conservation of energy, momentum, etc.) apply?
    - Draw out a diagram of what's happening if possible.
    - If you're really stuck you can try to look up similar problems that have solutions.
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