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Where to start?

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    I've tried textbooks (worked with biology :) ), Websites etc. but I came to an understanding that I will need to be showed the examples in physics (year 11). I am now searching video streaming websites and don't know where to start to make it easier for myself? I used to not watch the videos cause I didn't like to listen to it + some other member in my house also hearing it. i don't know but I really dislike that so today I officially thought about using my headphones which is brilliant now!

    Anyway besides that adventure, I am doing Nuclear Physics and radioactivity, Electricity and energy from the nucleus. I guess i should start with atoms, coulomb's law etc.? Does anyone also have any liked videos on the net so i can watch them. I like reading but seeing someone else talk at the same time is easier for me. Thank you! And stay positive... Thank you.
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