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Where to start?

  1. Mar 8, 2013 #1
    I am wondering where to start when you really want a future career in physics especially astrophysics or particle. I am only 12 years old but i want to start studying up and i have skipped a few classes causing iq and getting bored because not so challenging for me. Sorry if my english isnt the best because i am norwegian:P


    I have a little knowledge in algebra and solving basic equations in physics.
    I have some mathematic skills:)
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  3. Mar 8, 2013 #2
    Make sure your mathematics is excellent. The most important thing you can do now is to learn mathematics really well and to get comfortably with solving equations. Basic algebra is really the basis of everything that comes later. It may seem very unmotivated right now, but it's really important.

    That said, you're only 12 years old. It's far too soon to step into the rat race of academic life. Make sure you enjoy your youth. You don't want to be studying 24/7 right now. Just make sure you pay attention in school, do your homework and study well. If you have a bit of time, you might also consider doing some extra exercises that are more difficult. But I don't think you should be doing more than that. You don't want to get burnt out.
  4. Mar 8, 2013 #3
    Visit Khans Academy. And watch the videos on algebra 1 stuff (linear, quadratic, polynomials, exponentials (decay and growth), basic trig functions. Once you have mastered these move on to the algebra 2/ precalc sections. And learn trig. If you can I would suggest a book with exersises. Then and only when you feel comfortable with algebra and trig move on to some calculus. If you really really want to have an understanding of calculus read Apostols volume 1, (I would suggest reading a less dense book first its not completely necessary, but since your so young you have time and should read a more basic text first.)

    And again as the poster above all in good time. You don't need to rush. Master the basics, master single variable calc. And then read some physics. You can also see what your school will allow you to do. Get ahead there.
  5. Mar 8, 2013 #4
    Thanks for both of your advises!
  6. Mar 8, 2013 #5
    Also I do not know your personal backround, but from mine I remember being bored and it led to me doing some pretty dumb things. And would i would not like anyone to have this happen to them so if you ever become bord or under challenged do not except it look for information to learn. Come on to physics forum read posts ask questions pick up a book on physics or math and learn. Just don't engage in negative activities. If you do ever become bored you can PM me and I will personally help you figure out a schedule so that you are fully challenged.

    Best of luck!
  7. Mar 9, 2013 #6
    Thanks! And i probably will:)
  8. Mar 9, 2013 #7
    As another person that went through the Norwegian school system woefully underchallenged and ended up being arrogant enough to think I didn't need to study at all to understand math and related subjects I can recommend you to get into one of the free IB schools, I don't know if you get them free before vidergående level (high school) and take all the natural sciences at Higher level.

    You will be challenged, and will need to work, and end up way ahead of the people that went to regular high school. But don't fail it, then it's a bureaucratic maze to get any kind of studiekompetanse (Ready to go to uni certification).
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