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Where u and v and initial and final velocities

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    Looking for some help with another projectiles question:

    Ok, so for part (A) ive made this sketch:


    Ux = 47.04
    Uy = 19.6
    Vx = 47.04
    Vy = 19.6 - gt
    Ax = 0
    Ay = -g
    Sx = 47.04t
    Sy = 19.6t - 1/2gt^2

    where u and v and initial and final velocities, and a and s are acceleration and distance, x and y are in the horizontal and vertical directions.

    I subbed in Sy = 14.7 and got a quadratic with two solutions - t=1 and t=3, since the time of flight is 8 seconds, either solution is acceptable.
    Im stuck as to what to do next. Any hep would be appreciated.

    (B) Heres my sketch for this part:

    Im totally stuck here. The given velocity is what i would have thought to be the x velocity, suggesting the particle has no y velocity - which cant be possible i think? Any help as to how to break this down would be helpful
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    Any help is appreciated
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