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Where were you before you born?

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    Where were you before you born?
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    Same place I always IS.

    Plus, I have my consciousness focused within a physical body to enjoy the wonders of a life on earth.

    Do we simutaneously exist in all 11 dimensions?? or is there 12?

    olde drunk

    'heaven was created by your clergy so that they could charge admission'
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    I was in my mommy's womb. Before I was conceived there wasn't any me, even potentially.

    olde_drunk: Yes simulateously in all 11, just as we obviouly live simultaneously in the first three. No 12th has been discovered or AFAIK theorized.
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    A friend of mine and I have a folk hypothesis that he is the reincarnation of John Lennon. He behaves like him, holds the same views, even looks somewhat like him, and was born several minutes after Lennon was pronounced dead. I was born about a week before that, though, so who knows with me. My guess is I'm the second coming of Christ but no one has bothered to tell me yet.
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    Moved from General Philosophy. To the original poster: please see the philosophy forum guidelines.
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    If he sings and plays guitar, ask him if he needs a manager.

    My earliest recollection is as a baby of about 6 months old, before that I have no idea.
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    Needless to say, your statement begs for a definition of 'me'.

    IMHO, I am an eternal spiritual being and chose to be here in this body for this brief period. To think that I would exist (being consciously aware) for such a nano second of the physical universe's history is illogical. Let's not get lost in the academic definition of logic and/or my being egotistical.

    It just doesn't make sense. Which, naturally leads to reincarnation. Please understand that most, if not all, prophets and/or wise men have made reincarnation a spiritual tenet. Even christ has his 'unless ye be born again' quote which the church uses politically to control it's laity.

    I have said it before and i will say it again, I can not concieve of a time when I didn't exists; ergo I always have. (Pun intended)

    olde drunk
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    So far, I have no idea. I can only go as far back as "time zero".
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    I was neither here nor there.
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    I was the faulty condom in the vending machine, the few too many whiskies in her glass, and the crafty glint in the barman's eye.
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    No comment.
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    I came from hell and to hell I shall return. The early brightness of my life. We walk from brilliant doorways to the limbo of the world.
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    No way! me too! We must be twins or something
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    My mom went bowling a fair amount, but other than that, I mostly just hung out around the house.
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    When little children come to awareness, they have no past. Things have always been the way they are. The child is the oldest person: he is aware of no limits to his memory. He has always existed.
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    LOL! Apparently I went out to the local ice cream shop a lot for banana splits. :biggrin: Other than that, I don't know, that was stuff that happened before I was born, :tongue2:

    I do know that my sister was helping to mow the lawn just before being born (mom was *supposed* to be on bed rest, but decided she was tired of lying around :rolleyes:).
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    What endless mundane details.
  19. Mar 9, 2005 #18

    How can you return to hell, you're already here.
  20. Mar 9, 2005 #19
    This is limbo. A walk in a shadowy shifting corridor between two bright, bright doors, of which only memory and expectation persist.
  21. Mar 9, 2005 #20

    No buddy, THIS is hell.

    Last time i couldn't tell.

    This time, hold time....

    gonna be good...and i would...if i knew i was understood...

    Ok, no more BNL for me tonight.
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