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News Where will it end?

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    This is from an article in The New Yorker by award winning reporter, Seymour Hersh:

    "Report: U.S. conducting secret missions in Iran. New Yorker article says
    U.S. commandos in place in 10 Middle East nations.

    ...One former high-level intelligence official told The New Yorker, “This is a war against terrorism, and Iraq is just one campaign. The Bush administration is looking at this as a huge war zone. Next, we’re going to have the Iranian campaign.”

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    Two reports of one ststement, accusing Hersh of using "rumor, innuendo and conspiracy theories".

    If you read Hersh's article, you saw that his sources were mostly in the CIA. Much of the report was about how the CIA is being gutted by the Bush administration to be replaced with Defense Department spooks who, unlike the CIA, are not legally required to report to Congress. I didn't see this being denied. He also said that the Bush team regards the election as a successful plebiscite on their methods. This claim was validated by the President saying almost that very thing in answering a question yesterday.

    Of course the government denied that they have active military spies inside Iran, looking for nuclear sites to possibly attack, or that they have various plans for prosecuting a war with Iran if necessary. What would you expect? Those things go without saying; you wanna bet France doesn't have some of that going on too?

    The real meat in the article is also the most unprovable; that our ol' pals the neocons are champin' at the bit and with the boost from the election they could bring the country into a shooting war with Iran. Notice that by chance or otherwise we now command territory on both sides of Iran. No more Marine raids froom the Persian Gulf!
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    You are giving FAR TOO MUCH credit to the military fiasco instigated by these graduates(or dare I say flunkies?) of the Nixon School of Politics!

    Let's see, Afghanistan is a mess and pumping out more herion than ever, unless that was an intent. Iraq is on the verge of a civil war and I have doubts about the 'elections'. I guess the only means of 'command' that is established is that operations can be based in these territories without negotiations or diplomacy.

    BTW, here is the 'official' DoD attempt to discredit Hersch:


    I really don't see how they plan to pull off an invasion of Iran and/or Syria without a draft. Plus I dont see a public supported draft happening without there being another 'Pearl Harbor' like event, ie 9-11. I think it would have to be pretty devastating considering that 9-11 did not garner the wide support they had hoped for to invade Iraq. But then again, I would not put anything past this crew in power, they know no limits! :uhh:

    #42, I dont think it will end until this crew is taken out of power or they end up breaking the current system. Either way it does not look good. :frown:
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    We have spies? Naaa....
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    So are you going to sign up Russ?

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&u=/nm/20050118/pl_nm/iran_usa_dc [Broken]

    Gee, doesn't that sound familiar?

    So who wants to start a betting pool?

    I am thinking within 3 months action will be emminet since Jr. has a 'mandate' and all plus they dont want to waste any time.

    Any takers?
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    Wouldn't it be foolish to rule out the possibility of military action ? The threat of military action serves well to keep errant governments in check. The possibility of war is something you want the Ayatollah to have to worry about, every time he overreaches.
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    da soona da betta
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    I think now they would be in a rapid preperation mode for an invasion. It seems to me that this would be a message indicating that action is going to be taken. How else would it be interpreted? It is obvious that the administration does not do diplomacy.

    If I were them I would withdraw from the non-proliferation treaty and acquire nukes ASAP. Maybe then there would be a chance for negotiations.
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    So when are you signing up?
  12. Jan 18, 2005 #11
    You mean when did I sign up?
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    I think that Dubya thought we were all through a year ago, and could move right into Iran. We are so dead meat if we do that. Who will be left here to guard the US? I mean I have a baseball bat and a machete, I will do it, but really?

    We have no business in Iran. Look up the Irani Crown Jewels sometime, they are on a website, called the pentagon. For whatever reason...

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    OK, when and what branch?
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    Hmmm...PF hosts interrogations ? :bugeye:
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    :confused: :confused:
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    Interesting point considering that Iraq was looted during the chaos of the last venture. I bet there are a lot of collectors out there that would just love to have some of these items.
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    I was in the Navy, not the CIA, so I'm not exactly qualified to do the job. When I was in the Navy, I would have done virtually whatever was asked that was relevant to my job to aid the war on terror. I was dismayed that my ship wasn't in a position to do more (not a lot of terrorists in Pascagoula, MS).
    The US has said dozens of times in the past 50 years that it would not rule out using nuclear weapons - was that ever a preparation for imminent usage? That message (and similar ones) is a common one and has a clear meaning in diplomatic context. Bush knows diplomacy (gunboat diplomacy) better than you realize - and I think better than you understand.
    Doubtful, considering the story you are alluding to (the stolen museum artifacts) was a fabrication.
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    So have you found that ham sandwich yet?

    You might want to go back an re-read your contract, you may be out but you just may be re-called. Good Luck!

    Be careful russ, you just may blow your cover. Besides, you CIA guys are being marginalized.

    True but that is not the MO of this administration. There is already a plan in place and they are just waiting for the right time to execute it. The quick response of the DoD to the Hersch article is a tell. My thought is once the inauguration is over this week and the euphoria subsides, the news cycle will be focused on Iran and obvious propaganda in order to justify the invasion. Diplomacy is a prestense for this crew and a tell to their true intent.

    So in the betting pool, I put you down as a 'no go'. Excellent, that will help offset the cost for whomever wins.

    Hold on there russ, it may have been dismissed in your mind and the story may have been cycled out but the case of the missing goods apparently stands. http://cctr.umkc.edu/user/fdeblauwe/iraq.html is a nice scholar who has been cataloging these missing items and news links. It is quite extensive.

    So how much would it cost to send in a team to acquire the artifacts during the chaos of a conflict? How much would it retrieve on the black market? Risk vs reward, it is all simple economics russ.
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    If you have any evidence of any of those assertions, by all means present it. Where can I read this plan?
    His "my best guess" is not far from the official word. The primary bone of contention would be the half a million low quality artifacts in storage, of which he guesses 3% are missing. These are not the pieces reported in the fabricated story. The fabricated story was concerning the display-quality pieces in the museum itself: Of roughly 10,000 higher quality pieces in the museum and elsewhere, he guesses there are only 57 missing. Its also nice to see this:
    500,000 artifacts? Tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars.

    This is discussed further in a different thread, and calling it a fabrication (at the time) may be too harsh - it may have been a misunderstanding - though if still claimed today, it is a fabrication, since now the truth is known. The story is based on a quote from the museum curator. More here: http://www2.rnw.nl/rnw/en/currentaffairs/region/middleeast/ira030926.html

    Several important points:
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    Of course. It's always easier to attack the character and actions of your opponent rather than the merit of his arguments.
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