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Where will technology be in 2025? In 2100?

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    Well I'm 17 and am was always interested in technology. It's gone so far so fast. What technologys do we have now that we didnt have in 1988? INternet, great video games/ What else? Its been 17 and weve come so far

    So is technology slowing down or speeding up? how about the rate of radical inventions? what will technology bel ike in 2025 and then in 2100? will it improve? will it improve faster or slower than it what is today? Will there ever be a place in time when weve invented everything?

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    The next big thing in computer science I see is data extraction, relation and organization.

    Example: How can a computer take an image, extract all the elements from it, relate those elements to other data, and organize it in such a way that is easy for humans to understand.
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    2025: Higher tech than today, but not super high tech. maybe running a mix of hydrogen, hybrid and gas cars.

    2100: sticks and stones.
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    We had internet in 88, the world wide web was 93 if thats what you're meaning, but the internet was a 'big thing' to those that used it before the web. I think nanotech is a big one on the horizon, we can make switches that are measured by atoms and they're so fast they can hold 8 states ( i think) as opposed to 4. This along with quantum computing is really starting to balance things against the marketing ploys ... more gHz means better isn't true, its about balance just like everything ... plus if you think we've advanced so quickly.. think of where we'd be if we didn't have some of the anchoring things we have... the world of technology has been slowed down by a few.. rather large things .... dduardo also has a good point, giving computers the ability to 'think' better... aka have code that lets them make decisions on more dynamics ... there is a camera system that uses just a standard $45 or so webcam from like walmart.. some uni students hacked it up, wrote some software and as the computer records data from the camera it makes points in space based on how different poitns move and what hides when... move it around a littl ebit and the computer cna draw a complete 3d layout of the room .. not to mention that each object is seen as an actual object.. like... shelf on wall, and not just.. a wall-ish thing with a shelf-ish thing sticking out ... really.. really cool stuff.
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    They say that the more you know, the more you are able to know. The more you learn the faster you are able to learn. The new discoveries in science we are making everyday are opening up new fields of study and research. The more laboratory technology we have, the more easy it is to find one that will have a commercial application.
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    Why sticks in stones? That reminds me, didnt albert einstein once make a refer to this about WWIII? Also the time travel orginial novel?
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    It is feasable considering most of our knowledge is stored electronically... If you had a big enough EM pulse we could erase it all. Was there not a movie about that senario?
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    Something similar is already in use with the Mars Rovers...


    Pretty interesting stuff, obviously very complicated and intricate technology at work even today.
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    Here is another example of what I mean:

    You tour europe and take lots of pictures. When you get home you load the photos on to your computer and software will take those pictures, compare the landscape to locations around the world, and deduce where you took the pictures.

    Now you decide to write about northern europe and want pictures of that area. All you do is search for northern europe and all the photos from that area will show up.
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    well what about mercury based plasma shielded flying nonconventional craft run by nuclear power... with plasma sped up to 50,000 RPM's causing a super-conductive plasma with the resulting gravity disruption of up to 89% G-force decrease. there's much more to it really.. but how about that for starters?
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    As for computer languages, most likely there will be attempts at new languages but the ultimate language of the future will be Java and JavaScript which have been around forever but no one has harnessed all of what can come out of them.
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    cause its so dam slow ;-)
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    Java can be slow, but it also can be fast. The thing that bothers me with Java is the amount of memory it uses. In order to be fast it uses aggressive caching, which leads to high memory consumption. Here is a practical example:

    Inkscape, a fullblown vector graphics program, takes 25MB while the very simple drawing program provided in javaws called Draw 4 takes up 30MB.

    Here are screenshots for both programs so you can get a feel for the type of capabilities the two have:

    http://www.inkscape.org/screenshots/gallery/inkscape-0.42-CVS-trace-objects.png" [Broken]
    http://www.atmarkit.co.jp/fjava/kaisetsu/javawebstart/zu4.jpg" [Broken]
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    Yes that really makes me mad too but thats why we have people called developers and there will continue to be newer versions!

    (What really makes me mad is that Azures is programmed in Java and it causes huge slow downs and uses a lot of memory, but it has been getting better)
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    I don't see how you can have a fast java with very low memory usage. That's just the compromise you have to have.

    Btw, I don't use Azuerus anymore. I use rtorrent, which is written in C++. It is extremely quick.

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    ah thanks I'll try that
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    Get ready for quantum computing. The pinnacle of computer processing. Of course we will always make improvements to it. Despite that, it will redefine our concepts of true processing power.
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    And with quantum computing, there would be Quantum cryptography.

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