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WHERE would you go

  1. Jul 11, 2003 #1
    If you could go live live anywhere in the world, where would it be. I'm asking because I am going to live somewhere, but I don't know where. Right now I'm looking at Roatan, Honduras.
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    to live?

    Humboldt County CA or Pierce County WA at the base of Mt Rainer

    to visit?
    New Zealand, Iceland, Spain or Thailand...
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    Anywhere in the world?... I'm going back to the Netherlands next month, that is pretty much where I want to be. Going north is too cold, south too warm, and elsewhere.. I wouldn't know. That is what vacations are for: exploring the world.
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    ahh to return to the mother country of holland where the flowes bloom and small amounts of mary jane is always fresh

    prably ca or some place by a shore but not on the shore...or if things dont go my way mexico under the guise juan diago
  6. Jul 12, 2003 #5
    I'd probably live somewhere in Canada. it's very traquil and I need some tranquility. Plus I love the weather up there.
  7. Jul 12, 2003 #6
    Fiji....sun....sand.....and *officially* the nicest people in the world.
  8. Jul 12, 2003 #7
    this hot and sticky summer weather makes me pine for a dark, wet cave somewhere down in the bowels of the earth, where i would only come out to hunt at night.
  9. Jul 12, 2003 #8
    the bowls of the eart arent thta cold
  10. Jul 14, 2003 #9
    would be if you had air conditioning!
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