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Where Would You Like to Live?

  1. Jun 4, 2012 #1
    Where would your dream home be located?

    I have always wanted to live somewhere snowy, particularly on mountains, if that were ever possible. I love the cold weather, and I feel like overly warm weather just makes me groggy and lazy.
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    I need me a city. I love cities.
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    No cities for me. I have never enjoyed Boston, NYC, Philly, Atlanta...

    I wish this house was located deeper in the woods. The weather in Maine is OK, though this spring has been as hot as mid-summer.
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    Hmmm, I think Hawaii offers the best weather for me.

    Lots of wind + heat and some fantastic storms, dry, windy & hot, that's for me.

    Not allot of that here in Ottawa (it's in a bit of a valley too).

    Going from a 45 min drive to work in the city, to a 5 min drive to work, I gotta say while country life is great I see now "It's not that bad f a drive, and there's not much traffic." was just blissful ignorance.

    45min drive now seems like quite a while to be sitting in the car.

    I like cities, for transportation reasons. Too "wasteful" driving long distances.

    That being said my dream home would be on a hill right next to the playboy mansion.
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    I'm very happy right where I am. The only thing that would make it better would be if my house was underground instead of on the surface.
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    biiiiiiig city

    NYC or something
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    I agree about warm weather. I grew up in a Mediterranean climate (California) and I really hated it. You wake up and it's a beautiful, warm, sunny day, and think, Oh holy crap it's the same weather again...what's it been, like two freaking months now?!

    So I moved to Alaska. Oops, an over-correction!

    Western Washington fits me juuuust right.
  9. Jun 4, 2012 #8
    I sometimes miss being close to the Big Apple, but not because of the weather (I've spent most of my life in places above 40 N latitude). I wanted to be able to play tennis and enjoy the outdoors most days of the year without wearing a lot of clothing, so I moved to Florida.
  10. Jun 4, 2012 #9
    I like Vancouver, is it a good place to live ?
  11. Jun 4, 2012 #10


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    Well you should be aware that the place is chock-full of Canadians.

  12. Jun 4, 2012 #11
    I looked at the title and came here to tell that BC is the place to be, I love Vancouver :!!)

    Now, not Vancouver itself but the area near Vancouver. My dream house is to be near Vancouver! I can live with inside Vancouver but not the downtown itself. North Vancouver would be really pleasant place to have a house at.
  13. Jun 4, 2012 #12
    Redwood City. Climate best by government test!
  14. Jun 4, 2012 #13
    A proper hobbit hole, no?
  15. Jun 5, 2012 #14


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    I prefer North-central Brasil on the western edge of Amazonia in the state of Tocantins. Two large Native tribes (indigenous) live here and speak their own language and follow ancient customs on their reservations. Some get college degrees and have become legislators. Rivers of pure spring water cover the state map, there are over one hundred waterfalls within an hour of my home, and the soil is red with iron and is fertile. Ball lightning occurs here frequently; I've personally interviewed over a dozen different folks that have seen it. Cattle ranchers and soybean planters are expanding rapidly. Here the vegetation begins to change from tropical forest into cerrado or grassland "scrubland". The fauna and flora are so diverse that local biologists say no one has even inventoried the vast numbers of plants, animals, insects, or even fungi and lichens found here. I've seen anteaters, maned wolves, a jaguar, blue and yellow macaws, toucans, anacondas, monkeys, and not enough time to list all the rest! The population density is extremely low...one can travel all day and not see another person. Six months are dry, the other six are rain, so we get two distinct seasons with two populations of fruit, birds, and insects. The skies are so dark that the Milky Way gives enough light to walk around on a moonless night. Both the Large and Small Magellanic clouds are visible with the naked eye. With my little Questar telescope I've managed to see things never possible in light-polluted populated places. I stay busy with my Museum of Arts and Sciences:

    There is the capital city, Palmas, two hours' drive from here, for medical needs and other civilized stuff.
  16. Jun 5, 2012 #15
    Any college town where I can walk or ride my bicycle to an intellectually stimulating experience. If I never see another car or a woman with tattoos spitting in public I'll be happy.
  17. Jun 5, 2012 #16
    Only have been there on vacation one time about 10 years ago but I would love to live in or near LA. There are so many comedy shows by my favorite comedians that I was just ooze happy. The Largo at the Coronet and the UCB theater would basically be down one seat because I'd be at every show.
  18. Jun 5, 2012 #17
    I refer to Los Angeles as "that cesspool from whence I came" so no big city for me. A medium sized city such as Portland (OR) is my ideal in the states. Overall? There's a reason I'd kill for the job at the IAEA (Vienna? Hell yes!)
  19. Jun 5, 2012 #18


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    Yeah! :tongue2:
  20. Jun 5, 2012 #19
    I do like Vancouver, but it does have some strange people (not that that's unique to Vancouver). I once drove there and just as I was getting out of my car, a panhandler asked me for exactly $7.43 (CAD). After hesitating a moment, I told him I didn't have any loonies or toonies and drove away.
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  21. Jun 5, 2012 #20
    I agree, I am thinking about NYC, however, a nice warm beach in Cal would also be quite awesome as well!
  22. Jun 5, 2012 #21
    a hundred acres or so, hobbit hole in the middle, cleared space for farming, grains for brewing ales.
  23. Jun 5, 2012 #22
    You know of any? I live in San Diego and can't find one.
  24. Jun 5, 2012 #23
    That's my wood.
  25. Jun 5, 2012 #24


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    Not so bad up here. When I'm walking Duke, we often see minks or martens/fishers crossing the road. Today, we were headed toward a neighbor's house on the paved road, and I saw a small "dog" heading right at us. Then the "dog" noticed us and bolted into the woods. It was a fox.

    Despite his very muscular appearance, Duke is very gentle and non-confrontational. He has gone nose-to-nose with skunks, and with a porcupine that was living under the tarp on my tiller. Most wild animals will not use up their defensive weapons when they are not threatened, IMO.

    We have to live close to the main road due to sometimes heavy snowfalls. It would be tough to plow 1/4 mile of heavy snow just to get down near the middle of the property.
  26. Jun 5, 2012 #25


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    Where I am is nice. It's rural/suburban near a small city. There are various farms including dairy, and estates were folks keep or raise horse. There's a several valleys, and the main one has a large river (really tidal estuary) transcending it.

    I could live happily in most rural areas.

    Coastal Australia would be nice, as would parts of the northern part of the S. Island of NZ. If I was single, I'd probably be in the Karakorum or Pamirs or the Wakhan corridor.



    Maybe some day. :smile:

    I'm a nomad at heart.
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