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Where would you stand

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    I have a 0.1% probability of having a seizure at work, until i had to stop work my attendance for sickness was for this problem was 0, i have never had a problem at work when my mind is active, my seizures have all ways been out of work hours.
    The head of maintenance wants be back asap, but the personnel people want a 100% guarantee of my fitness for health and safety reasons, am i crazy thinking that it is impossible to guarantee any one could be considered 100% safe at all times.
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    No one can have a 100% guarantee.

    If your doctor has released you back to work, they have to take you back, if you were out on disability. If the doctor releases you, but with restrictions, then your company needs to fit you in where these restricitions allow you.

    Sounds like you need to have a discussion with your doctor and human resources (personnel). I'm not sure how things work in the UK, but that's how they work in the US.
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    I concur. If one has the right medication, and one avoids the conditions that might promote or initiate a seizure, perhaps one could be 99.9+% sure of controlling/preventing a seizure.

    In addition, Woolie, presumably you can mentor someone who would be of future value to the company. And the person you train could do those tasks that would be risky if you did have a seizure. When I was an assistant plumber, I'd all the heavy work or worked in tight places where the older guys were too big to fit.
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    ....but the personnel people want a 100% guarantee

    LOL - if any of them ar female.. ask them if any of them are on a birth control pill, and if they can accept less than 100% for that, what's the problem?

    ok seriously,
    A clear-to-work note from the doctor is acceptable in a court of law and should be good enough for any employer.
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    In Canada if you get the O.K. from a doctor the work place has to accept you back... If they say you can do modified duties then the workplace HAS to give you modified duties... You should really go and talk to your doctor about it first before you decide whether or not to go to work.
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    Thank you for the replies guys, i am fighting the health and safety people, but the uk seems to be the ultimate nanny state.
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    Well then why don't you work as a nanny and "keep yourself tidy" some day a Princess will marry you and you can live in the Palace with the Queen for a boss.
    Diana was a nanny, I was a nanny, my daughter was a nanny.
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    Yep, that's pretty much the laws in the US too. I'm surprised that the UK would have less protection for their workers; I always assumed they offered more protections.

    How can anyone guarantee 100% that you'd never have a seizure? Even someone who has never had a seizure before can't guarantee 100% that they never will. If your doctor says you're safe to return to work, that should be sufficient.
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    It is certainly crazy that they would ask for a 100% assurance, it doesn't exist. The thing is, at least this is the way it would work here, now that they are aware that you have a condition like this they can possibly be held liable for what ever happens if you are put back to work with that knowledge. If they do not know that you have a condition and something happens they can not possibly be held liable.

    I'm sure that you should be able to work it out with them though. Next time you talk to them you should ask if they can supply you with the proper information for contacting what ever government agency you would need to in order to report them for not accepting you back to work.
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    Its quite possible that they are just giving him a hard time and that there are protections. I had a co-worker at my last job who put in for two days of FMLA because his wife was about to give birth, he was automatically allowed up to two weeks by law I think, and our boss and HR both refused it until he threatened to report them.
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    Well. I would tell the silly nancy's that you've an acquaintance from the colonies that says there's a 0.1% probability that the world is going to end in the next year, and things are going to be in greater disrepair if they don't take you back in the meanwhile.
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