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Where's the legend for post icons?

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    In the leftmost column you have closed envelopes, open envelopes, padlocked envelopes - I know what that one means... :smile: There are others of which I don't know the meaning. Is there a legend somewhere that I have not found yet?
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    Uhh...good question. It used to be around somewhere near the bottom of the page, but I don't see it anymore.

    I can answer some. Closed envelopes mean there are new replies, open envelopes mean you've read that thread and no new replies since then. Envelopes with lines coming out of the top mean it's a hot topic (a lot of replies, but I don't know the cut off for that). If there's a tiny person on the envelope (others have mistaken that for many other things), it means you've replied to that thread. Not sure if I got them all, but that should be most.

    Edit: Aha! I found it. It seems to only appear in the Nexus skin. If you switch skins, look at the bottom of one of the index pages for any forum (it's not on the main index page). :smile:
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    Oh, ah, Nexus. Thank you!

    And yes, I can see how the tiny "person" can be misinterpreted. Needs legs...
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