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Where's the yellow brick road?

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    I'm going to Australia for a two or three months pretty soon. Plan is to start in Sydney, drive up the east coast to Cairns, then west to Darwin, down through the desert via Alice Springs, down to Adelaide, then east back round to Sydney, if the heat hasn't killed my north-of-England-adapted body.

    What I want to know is what I shouldn't miss. Obviously all the famous stuff will be ticked off the checklist like a good tourist, but I'm really interested in less well known places, well-kept secrets, be they towns, beaches, buildings, restarants, bars, clubs, walks, parks, scenic drives, whatever.

    So if all you backpackers of years gone by can give me as many pointers as possible, I'd be most appreciative. Like I said, I don't need to know about the opera house or Ayers rock, nor stuff that's too far off the route given above. But anything else that comes to mind would be great.

    Thanks loads.

    El Hombre
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    An Australian web friend of mine is always talking about a place called Byron Bay. I'm not sure what's so special about it, but she seems very keen on it.
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    Yes, Byron Bay will be on the itinerary. Such a shame I will miss the 2005 Byron Bay yoga fest though.
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    Has nobody here been to Oz?
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    maybe a trip to Undersea World Cairns will interest you and wont kill your north-of-England-adapted body :wink: hope u have a nice undersea experience. :smile:
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    Cool, thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.
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    El Hombre, hope you haven't left yet, here are some dated thoughts, its been a while...
    Hope you've included Fraser Island as well as the reef islands, Airlie Beach, sailing in the Whitsundays in your schedule. One bit of advice, avoid Queensland in the rainy/cyclone/stinger season around Feb. Looking at your photo, my guess is you'll be in Sydney for the Gay,Lesbian, Bi,Transgender,other, Mardis Grass in Feb anyway (its great). Also if you're doing any 4wheel beach driving, ask lots of questions about tides and other tips.

    In Sydney Longrain was a gorgeous Thai restaurant. Bill's is great for breaky, but you also should walk around south head from Bronte to Bondi and have breaky at Jackies, too, its an institution. There's also the Icebergs bar/restaurant at Bondi. Also, catch the Manly Ferry, nice walks and the Manly Kiosk is good too. Near Mosman and the zoo, The Bathers Pavillion is a bit more conservative, but pleasant, on the Beach. Will and Toby's and Chicane were good bars a couple of years ago.
    Have fun.
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    fi, you rule! This is exactly the kind of thing I was after. Apologies for not responding straight away - I thought this thread had died on its feet. Needless to say I am very grateful for all the advice.

    I am going to quote the additional info you PM'd me here as well, since I would like to keep a consolidated compilation. Hope that's okay.

    Thanks again.
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    Additional tints and hips from fi:

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