Which Actors would you like to see go head2head?

With a thread about whose the best character in movies floating around I thought i'd ask which pair(s) of actor would you like to see go head2head in a battle of wits/jokes/martial arts etc. If you can state teh movie style and stuff.

[ ] (Deniro vs Pacino) The obvious one would be from Heat

some others i'd like to see
[ ]Jackie Chan vs Jet Li( in the old style martial arts films or something like unleashed)
[ ]Patrick Stewart vs Mckellen (vs Kingsley vs freemen)(battle of wits, any movie maybe even thespian...i like XMEN)
[ ]2pac vs tim roth(they had good chemistry in the one movie)
[ ]anthony anderson vs tom arnold vs robin williams vs jim carrey
Natalie Portman vs Anna Kournikova vs the chick frm 24 vs Lindsey Lohan for the WWE womens championship.Hopefully with easily torn clothing..............
kaos said:
Natalie Portman vs Anna Kournikova

Yeah, throw in Sharapova as the referee



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Well, given the current entertainment news, I'd like to see Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields go at it. My bet's on Brooke. :biggrin:

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