Which AI MOOC to choose?

Which course on AI?

  • Artificial Intelligence by Dan Klein from UC Berkeley

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  • Machine Learning by Andrew Ng from Stanford

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I am a high school student and an avid learner through MOOCs. This spring, there are two MOOCs coming up which caught my interest- one on AI from UC Berkeley(Dan Klein) and the other on Machine Learning from Stanford(Andrew Ng). Though I am inclined towards the Berkeley course, I wanted to get opinions from other people on which one to take. So what do you think guys?
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It seems no one is responding to your survey. Perhaps you should check out the backgrounds of the teachers like what their specialities are and what they've published... You could also Google for videos of them to see which ones teaching style suits you more and do a resonant pros and cons evaluation to pick the best one.

Personally without doing any research I would choose the machine learning one as that has been the news more recently. The AI course will probably cover machine learning but in a more superficial way. However don't take my word do some due diligence and then decide.

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