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Homework Help: Which angle is bigger: alpha or beta

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    OK i have this equation:

    Vf^2 (sin^2 β) = (V2f^2 – 0.75V0) (sin^2 α)

    and i need to know which angle is bigger: alpha or beta

    i think its simple but can people give me some answers here?
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    Is there a range for alpha and beta?

    The only thing you can tell from your equation is which angle has a larger value for the sine of the angle. With no range, that won't tell you which angle is bigger. For example, the sine of 60 degrees is larger than the sine of 150 degrees.

    As to which angle has the larger value for sine, just look at your velocity. Which is bigger? vf^2 or vf^2-.75v0. In spite of these being different values, both sides of the equation are equal.
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    alpha and beta are in [0 , pi/2] is my assumption.

    I am not given any values for the velocities. it is purely theory.
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