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Homework Help: Which are true?

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    which ones are true?

    a. the mass of an object on the moon will be the same as its mass on Earth.

    b. the weight of an object on the moon will be the same as its weight on Earth.

    c. the mass and weight of an object are the same thing

    d. the weight of an object is the force of gravity acting upon the object.

    e. the mass of an object is its weight multiplied by the acceleration of gravity.

    f. objects have weight even when placed in a vacuum.

    g. more massive objects weigh more than less massive objects.

    h. all objects weigh the same as each other when placed in a vacuum.
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    The problem is that unless you show you have tried to answer these questions yourself, it's not likely that anyone is going to help. You can't just post questions with the expectation that the answers will be given to you.

    I suggest that you study the differences between mass and weight and then try to answer the questions yourself. Post your answers and explain how you arrived at your conclusions.


    Force = mass * acceleration
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    a and h
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    badboyben03, use that answer at your own risk...
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    First, please do not post the same question under different section.

    Second, read "Read this first" posted at the head of the homework section. It doesn't help you to have someone do your homework for you. Show us what you have tried.

    Third, these should be obvious if you know the definitions of "mass" and "weight". What are the definitions in your textbook?
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