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Which astrophysical journal is the best?

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    Which astrophysical journal is the best?

    I don't find many choices. Only there are several similar international journals...
    Some even need charge for publishing.

    Do you have any recommendation?
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    Best for subscribing? Or best for article submission? For the latter, keep in mind that as a general tendency there is a tradeoff between the selectivity of a journal and its turnaround time for a submitted article.
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    I'd suggest starting with Arxiv if you are looking for a start in getting 'published'.
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    To publish papers in the Arxiv those journals need introducers. The General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology journal maybe is suitable for my paper, but I can't find any way to contribute to the journal. This is also because the problem----This journal is Arxiv's.

    Now my paper is still refereeing by International journal of theoretical journal and the Reports on progress in physics, the two journals seem not suitable for my paper, I can't sure that whether my paper can be accepted. They have reviewed my paper 2-3 monthes, still there is no decision.
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