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Which axis rigid body rotate?

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    I have an essential question. Suppose we have an complex shape at complete rest freely in space. There exist no forces at all. If we collide it in a point, at which axis it will be rotate? How I find it?
    I want the answer be in general and for all shapes.
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    In general, it is complicated.
    Both momentum and angular momentum are conserved, but the rotation axis of the object can change in time.
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    hi hamidjan! welcome to pf! :smile:

    let's keep it simple by assuming that the other body sticks to it after the collision

    then you use conservation of angular momentum about its centre of mass …

    the initial angular momentum will be r x mv of the other body

    the final angular momentum will be the same

    now use the moment of inertia tensor to convert the angular momentum vector to the angular velocity vector

    (surprisingly, they're not parallel unless the angular momentum is along a principal axis: otherwise, the angular velocity vector rotates about the angular momentum vector)

    the (variable) axis of rotation, of course, is along the angular velocity vector :wink:
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