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Which book i start with ?

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    Hi every one
    i'm a student in physics and i will take next fall e and m class (electric and megnatic ) and i don't know which book will help me in .i don't have any idea about it ...i prefer to an entrodiction book.
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    Can you just get the textbook early? What is the text for the class?
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    I've got a similar problem though with exams looming a slightly different position.. I'm studying Engineering but one of my modules is Electrical Circuits. At present I have gone though my classes and also my lecture notes but so far it just isn't sinking in. I just don't understand how to use either the nodal method or the loop method for working out the circuit.

    Is there any book that clearly explains, even has some clear examples? Or even a website??? I've got Engineering Circuit Analysis by Kemmerly, its by far the best book I've read at the moment but it still doesn't explain the proceedure of nodal analysis thoroughly enough.

    Sorry to steal this thread but I didn't feel appropriate to make a new thread with almost exactly the same topic.
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    If you're referring to E&M, I recommend Engineering Electromagnetics by Hayt & Buck. I used that textbook for my course. It was very informative.

    Of course the best text for a course is the one recommended by your lecturer.
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    But he doesn't recommend any book. And that's not always the case, as I've definitely found with other subjects..
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    I will agree with the suggestion of Engineering Electromagnetics by Hayt & Buck for E&M. As for a good circuits book, the one that I have been experienced with is Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits by Alexander. This book has a large number of examples, as well as a large number of problems per chapter.
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    Be sure your book uses the same units as your class. My first physics E&M book used electromagnetic (emu) cgs (centimeter gram second) units (what is an abvolt?). But because I am a circuit builder, none of the solutions made any sense. My engineering electronics book made a lot more sense (at the time), but it covered thermionic emission and vacuum tubes, and nothing about transistors, mosfets, or LSI.
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    Is this the one your talking about? Fundamentals of Electric Circuits (McGraw-Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) by Charles Alexander??

    My Engineering library doesn't have that in stock, so I'll try amazon.

    Anyone got any suggestions for Electromechanics and Actuators? hmmm... that's an interesting class but some of the problems our lecturer has given us aren't covered by our class. Btw, I'm in college still, a friend who doing a degree was surprised some of the material we are tested on, even he has difficultly with it.
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    For circuits I found "The Art of Electronics" great and also entertaining. I don't understand why it is not more recommended. I am not from the field and might have had too much knowledge beforehand, but is this book really over the head for an undergrad?
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    Tbe book is fine for undergrads, and in fact, was used as an undergrad/intro EE textbook at MIT for a while.
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