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Classical Which book to buy?

  1. Apr 3, 2017 #1
    I have been looking for a forum where they can help me with my decision, I am a high school student of 4 semester, currently mathematics course IV introduction to the precalculus (I am seeing reverse function) I would like to buy a book of physics to have the necessary fundamentals for when I enter To university (I plan to study physical-mathematics) and I want to buy a book among the following authors:
    - Serway physics for scientists and engineers (9th Edition)
    - Sears and Zemansky's university physics (13th Edition)
    - Tipler physics for scientists and engineers (6th Edition)
    - Tippens physics (7th Edition)
    - Resnick physics (5th Edition)
    I look forward to your help.

    PS: I am from Mexico, I am 17 years old and in 1 year I go to university
    PD2: It does not matter that the book has a precalculation, I will start some online courses on mathematics from the beginning to linear and differential calculus,I'm just looking for the fundamentals of physics that is fundamental to me, since practicing at the moment of seeing her at school always makes me very easy
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    I don't know all of these books, but I don't think you can really go wrong with either. I do, however, strongly suggest that you don't waste your money buying the latest edition. Buy the cheapest older edition you can find.
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    Sears and Zemansky's University Physics does modern physics really well.
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    i have Serway physics for scientists and engineers as real book
    and both (Sears and Zemansky's - resnick) as pdfs . i think there is not much difference between them
    i used serway and found it realy helpfull for me and all of my physics professors was suggesting it
    - i strongly advice you to buy a used older version i bought ( the third edition for 60$ )
    - another book i have is called (Handbook of physics ) is quite good as reference
    but quite hard for a high school student (it contains the physical subject with very high level math)
    not for the faint of hearts.
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