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Which book

  1. Sep 23, 2011 #1
    I am in need of a some advice on which book's I should acquire to help me go forward in my studies.

    I have started a degree course which is at the moment very mechanically biased, a field in which I have very limited experience, coming from an electrical background.

    At the moment my main areas of study are combined bending and direct stress, theory of torsion, Euler buckling theory. I would also like something that goes over the more basic stuff like bending and direct stress.

    I am really looking for something that contains good worked examples with solutions and maths behind it giving me more of an insight into the subject. I feel as though i may get left behind if I don't act soon :s

    Any help would be great, I have picked up some books already, Shigley's mechanical engineering and design and applied mechanics by Hannah and Hillier. Thanks
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