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Which calculator to get?

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    Hello physics community,
    I am about to start my university studies and I am wondering which calculator to buy, a: TI-Nspire CX graphing calculator, Casio fX-CG20 graphing calculator or an HP 75mhz, 2300 functor, 3-1/5"x7-1/5"x9/10" graphing calculator.
    I simply want the best of the best, the one that has got better processor and higher versatility for resolving complex problems.
    May you please suggest?
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    By the way, all of the previous are top of the line for each brand.
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    I dont think you'll need an NSpire.
    I use an 89 and it's done everything I've ever needed it to (taking Electrical Engineering)

    Keep in mind that for most university course you will not be allowed to bring graphing calculators into exams
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    alright so i will change the question up a bit.
    which one of them two is better?
    thankyou anyhow!
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    I'll bump this for you and for all students with similar questions. Have you even considered an older, non-graphing calculator like the HP 15C? Very capable machines, and without the graphing capabilities, you might be able to use it in all your courses.
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    For Physics:
    Graphing: Ti-89 for the quick and easy choice. You can't go wrong.
    Hp 50G for more functions and features, if you use in RPN mode, not really that great in algebraic mode.

    A good math package as an app or software for a laptop. There are several low cost to free options. Then buy a good pocket calculator for exams or general homework.
    Hp 35s (programmable, pretty much only reason, has 32 K ram and is OS selectable RPN or algebraic (EOS)).
    Ti-36x pro
    Casio fx 115ES
    in that order. There are other good pocket calculators, I name the three above as they are also allowed on the NCEES EIT or PE exams.

    You might look at an Hp Prime, but it is more than you would need.
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