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Which Calculus book ?

  1. Mar 10, 2007 #1
    Ok, i need a book for Calculus/Real analysis .I am more interested in problems( theory not SO important) . I know of these books -:

    Calc. by Piskunov
    Mathematical analysis by Berman
    '' by Maron

    Any1 having used any of the books above, could suggest which one would be best suited for my needs.
    If there is any other good book you know of, plz suggest
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    If this is your first exposure to calculus, Piskunov has a LOT of exercises. I wouldn't call them challenging by any means, but for a beginner it would be useful. I haven't heard of the other books until now.
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    Yeah I am relatively new to Calculus; hasnt been 6 months with Integration.
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