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Courses Which Calculus?

  1. Jul 14, 2017 #1
    I work full-time, so evening or online classes are all I can do. I need to take calculus from the community college I've been attending, but it is not offered in the evening. In fact, none of the local colleges or universities offer it in the evening, so I must do it online. So I go to register for it, but notice that there are two offerings - Calculus I for 4 credits, and Calculus with Analytic Geometry I for 5 credits. The 4 credit course is the one that is part of their transfer core. I'm studying for an Engineering Physics degree, which will be completed somewhere else (don't know where yet, and that is another frustration). I have printed out the degree requirements from numerous schools (to stay on track with course selection), and some of them say w/analytic geometry. I also have a concern that these credits may not transfer, as I will be relocating to a different accreditation region before I finish. My gut tells me that a transcript that says Calculus I for four credits will be fine, and I shouldn't worry. Thoughts?
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    One could best guess that the 5-credit Calculus with Analytic Geometry 1, IS a proper course for Engineering major field students and that it DOES transfer. If not, then this would be very strange.

    One would also normally guess that this Calculus + Analytic Geometry 1 course of 5 units is a better choice than the 4 unit Calculus 1 course.

    We members may wonder, what are the precise course descriptions of each of these two courses?
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    That's exactly what I thought. But the articulation agreement for the other schools only includes the 4 credit course. Putting the two syllabi side by side, the course description for the 4 credit course and the topics covered are large paragraphs, while the 5 credit course has merely lip service. Very odd. I most certainly would rather take the course that had the most to offer with the best transferability, regardless of difficulty. I was just looking for public documents to post here for comparison, and I ended finding a bunch of course equivalency agreements with various schools. They show that both courses have the same equivalent, so whichever one a student takes, the equivalent is plain old Calculus I.
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