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Which class should i take?

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    hi. i am a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering and i really love math. i am in calculus II right now during my first semester. as a mechanical engineering major, my university requires that engineers only take calculus I, II, and III and differential equations. i already had a bunch of credit from high school which frees me up to take a couple of electives. i am planning on taking calc III and differential equations next semester but i don't know what math electives i should take beyond that. i am stuck between a class on partial derivatives and calculus IV (introductory analysis). any help with a decision would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    If they don't already require it, I would suggest taking a statistics course. It should be required though. Also, combinatorial mathematics helps to broaden your thinking about mathematics as well. I'm not a mathematician, but both those courses seemed to help when dealing with the real world for me.

    As far as which between partial derivatives and calculus IV to take, I only went to calc II, so can't really say.
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    Linear algebra makes calc III easier (I am told). I'm taking calc II and LA this semester. Plus LA has already helped to give me an edge in my physics course.
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