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Which college should I choose?

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    I'm an international undergrad student having major in Physics. I've got the offer to transfer my credits to:
    1. Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. (Annual costs approx. 19000 USD)
    2. University of Manitoba, Canada. (Annual costs approx. 21000 USD)
    3. Louisiana Tech University. (Annual costs approx. 20000 USD)

    I've got some reservations: I wanna have my M.S & Ph.D completed at one of the top North American Universities (specially in the U.S). I got to know that for M.S & Ph.D the top universities in U.S accept 25% students from outside the U.S. Other 75% comes from within the U.S.

    Also, I can't spend a lot for my undergrad study. So I've chosen these universities. Which University is more likely to cost less than the others(i.e. scholarships/ financial aids/ student loans)?

    Which university do you suggest (from where I can really study Physics & get a chance to have my M.S & Ph. D in the U.S)?
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    This is a hard comparison... the universities you've listed here are really different.... it's going to probably require research on your part. I'd suggest that you look at department web pages or contact the departments themselves to see if they have any information about where recent graduates from the undergraduate programs have gone on to pursue their graduate degrees. Also, you should look at the research projects availability to undergraduates at the various institutions... look at publication rates, quality of research, how those projects themselves would advance you in the field which you want to later pursue, etc.
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    @Physics Girl, generally HKUST has 3 years of undergrad study where Univ. Manitoba has 4. Why is this 1 year difference- I don't know.
    Here are the course names:
    http://www.phys.ust.hk/UG-courses/" [Broken]
    http://www.physics.umanitoba.ca/course_info.html" [Broken]

    Also, research in HKUST is based on mostly experimental rather than theoretical.
    http://www.physics.umanitoba.ca/research.html" [Broken]

    From the class of HKUST graduating this year(55 students), a few students went to SUNY Stony Brook, one to Cornell & some to other mid- level universities for higher study. However, I don't know about UManitoba's Physics grads placement for higher education.

    HKUST has a few more teachers who hold Ph.D degrees from universities like UC Berkeley/ MIT/ Princeton than UManitoba.

    Can you please help me out? Because I've fell in an infinity loop in choosing which is better.
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