Which college, Umich or UIllinois ?

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In summary, the conversation is about a high school senior trying to decide between attending the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor or the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign for math and physics. The person discussing the topic mentions that Champaign is a leading technology school and Michigan has a strong program in traditional solid state electronics. They also mention that Michigan's Applied Physics graduate program is highly regarded. Another person recommends Ann Arbor for math and physics, as well as the overall location being preferable. The conversation also touches on the importance of considering the social aspect of college and potentially getting research experience with faculty members for graduate studies. Ultimately, the expert summarizer suggests that the decision may come down to personal preference and recommends visiting both schools and researching their honors programs
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I'm a senior in high school right now and I have to decide between going to University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. Right now I'm leaning toward UofI, but which would you chose? Anybody been to either university? (going for math and physics btw)
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Well Champaign is a leading technology school, but Michigan is a great big ten school. I wish I was in your position. Contact the advisors and professors, visit the schools.
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The University of Michigan is the leading school in traditional solid state electronics. They have one of the best educational clean rooms out of all the universities in the world, but as an undergraduate that probably wouldn't affect you at all.

I don't know about their physics or math undergraduate programs, but I do know that their Applied Physics graduate program is right up there with those of Columbia, Stanford and Cal-Tech.

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I've visted Ann Arbor a few times. If you're math/phys, go there -- it's significantly better than UIUC for those, IMO. Plus, Ann Arbor is a heckuva nicer place the Urbana-cornfield-Champagne. :smile:
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are the two a huge different academically speaking?

I think the location is one of the big things.I hear much better things about UMich than UI in terms of the city it is located in.
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I am presuming you've visited both schools. At what school did you get the better vibes from? You're going to live there for four years (give or take) - I hope you're planning on enjoying those years. I presume you wish to have a social life and not just study all the time. Prestige of the program doesn't matter so much as an undergraduate as it does for graduate studies.

Both schools have honors programs (as I recall) where you can actually get a good educational experience if you so desire it. If you're plotting on doing graduate work, get some research experience with a faculty member or two so they can write you glowing letters of recommendation. When a professor at UIUC or UMich says "You're among the top five undergrads I've seen," that really says something as they've seen a whole lot of undergrads in their time there.

Personally, I'd head to UMich, but be warned, Ann Arbor is kind of yuppie-ish. But I'm rather used to that kind of environment.

o O (Now, if they'll only have a bunch of faculty openings in about 6 years when it's time for me to go onto the job market...)

1. Which college, Umich or UIllinois, has a better reputation?

Both Umich and UIllinois have excellent reputations in the field of higher education. Umich is often ranked higher in overall university rankings, while UIllinois is known for its strong programs in engineering and computer science.

2. How do the tuition costs compare between Umich and UIllinois?

The tuition costs for Umich and UIllinois vary depending on the specific program and whether the student is in-state or out-of-state. Generally, Umich has higher tuition costs than UIllinois, but both schools offer financial aid and scholarship opportunities to help offset the costs.

3. What are the differences in campus life between Umich and UIllinois?

Both Umich and UIllinois have vibrant campus communities with a variety of clubs, organizations, and events for students to get involved in. Umich is known for its strong sports culture and lively downtown area, while UIllinois has a larger campus and a more laid back atmosphere.

4. Which college, Umich or UIllinois, has better job placement opportunities?

Both Umich and UIllinois have strong career centers and alumni networks that can help students with job placement after graduation. It ultimately depends on the individual student's program, skills, and networking abilities.

5. What is the student-faculty ratio at Umich and UIllinois?

The student-faculty ratio at Umich is 15:1, while at UIllinois it is 20:1. Both schools have a relatively low student-faculty ratio, meaning students can receive more personalized attention from professors and have smaller class sizes.