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Which College?

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    For all of you who just finished high school, which college are you going to join and what course are you going to take?

    I am going to start my first year in Chemical Engineering at the the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
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    I didn't really just graduate; I just finally took my GED test. I'm starting at a local college, St. Petersburg College. They have a new Honors College that is especially helpful for people, like me, who will be transferring to another school to complete their degrees. I'll be majoring in math and linguistics and also studying logic, computer science, and creative writing.
    I plan on going to grad school, am not rich, don't want tons of debt, and I've heard that undergrad programs don't vary much and schools don't like to accept their own grads, so I may just transfer to the University of Florida to complete my BAs. MIT and Princeton top my list for grad school, but that could change depending on what I decide to specialize in, who's in that department at the time, etc. If I had the opportunity to work with really great people, I may be willing to leave the US.
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    I'm going to Malaspina University, first year I'm taking Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, English and Psychology.
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    I'm going to (probably) join the National Institute of Technology, Surat for Computer Science and Engineering.
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