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Courses Which course should i look for?

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    I am extremely interested in complex systems and i know that it is studied primarily using mathematics. I would really enjoy formally learning this material so that i can apply it. Are there any known courses that cover complex systems or touch on it at all? What courses should i be looking for to take that are similar?

    Thanks so much guys!
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    I'm not really sure what you mean with "complex systems". Maybe you mean chaos theory?? A very good book on the subject is "CHAOS: an introduction to dynamical systems" by Alligood, Sauer and Yorke.

    Another extremely well-written book is "Nonlinear dynamics and chaos" by Strogatz.

    You could also want to study specific complex systems. For example, I think a fluid dynamics course should do that.

    We might be able to help you better, if you would expand your question a bit...
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    "Contemporary researchers strive to understand complex physical phenomena that involve many constituents, may be influenced by numerous forces, and may exhibit unexpected or emergent behavior. Often such “complex systems“ are macroscopic manifestations of other systems that exhibit their own complex behavior and obey more elemental laws. This article proposes that areas of mathematics, even ones based on simple axiomatic foundations, have discernible layers, entirely unexpected “macroscopic” outcomes, and both mathematical and physical ramifications profoundly beyond their historical beginnings. In a larger sense, the study of mathematics itself, which is increasingly surpassing the capacity of researchers to verify “by hand,” may be the ultimate complex system."

    also heres a link describing complex systems:
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