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Courses Which course should I take?

  1. Jun 1, 2009 #1
    Hi everyone, I am a junior in high school and I am having a little trouble deciding which class I should take next year (AP Physics B vs. AP Physics C). I want to major in engineering (aerospace) when I got to college. Right now I am in Honors Algebra II, and to take AP Physics C (which is the class I want to take) I would need to take Precalc over the summer. If I did I would be taking Calc AB next year along with Physics C and AP Chem. If I don't it would be Honors Precalc, Physics B and AP Chem.

    I am alright at math, I have gotten A's for all my math classes so far. Advanced Physics this year has been like a joke to me, I have like a 98%. So anyway, I've talked to a few people about this and have gotten mixed answers, some say not to do it, while others say that it would be fine. I do work during the summer (usually 3 days a week), but I live like 2 minutes from a community college where I could take a class. Like I said, I am having trouble deciding what I should do. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thanks :D
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    I would take the precalc course over the summer since you won't likely have any trouble with it if you have done well in algebra. The honors precalc class at your school sounds like it will cover a bit of calculus but it's not hard to start learning about limits and derivatives on your own (if necessary) while you take precalc at CC.

    Given what you want to do in college, I think that's the best option. Actually, if you can take a calculus course at CC, go for it. As long as your algebra is strong enough, I don't anticipate you having any problems.
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    I would definitely suggest taking Phys C. It will be much better preparation for University level courses than Phys B. I would also suggest taking Calc BC instead of AB. The more prepared you are for college, the better.
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    Thanks for the replies. :D

    I was leaning towards taking precalc over the summer and Physics C, so I think that is what I am going to do. The physics teacher said that he would help me with the math if I had any trouble, even after taking precalc (however I don't anticipate having any problems with it). For some reason all of the math teachers I talked to (except the calc teacher) didn't really think that this would be a good idea, the physics teacher thought it would be fine though.
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