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Courses Which course?

  1. Jun 28, 2016 #1
    Hello , I'm new to this forums so I wasn't sure where to post this , if I have posted in the wrong board please move it to the right section.

    I always wanted to become to invent tech. I'm amazed by today's gadgets and I love physics. When I was 14 , I told everyone that I will become a tech scientist (idk if something like that really exists , I was just a kid :3), but now I want to know that which course is best for me to become a tech inventor?
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    My guess would be the standard engineering curriculum and especially the mechatronics course. The current trends today are in electronics and mechanical systems ala robotics, nanotechnology... and for these you'll need to understand some programming, some digital electronics and some mechanics.

    To become an inventor though you'll need to develop a nose for seeing problems where ever you look and for then finding a solution. Eventually, you'll find solutions that no one has thought of before and are unique enough to be patented and then you've become an inventor.

    There's a quote by George Bernard Shaw about the unreasonable man:
    You must be that unreasonable man to be an effective inventor.

    If you look at kickstarter you'll see lots of invention ideas but they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inventions. Too many people think a better mode of motorized transport (ala skate board, roller skates, unicycles...) with app control is the way to go but can you come up with something that cost-effective, novel, and cool too?)

    One way to look at it is an invention teaches the country or the world something new and unique and for that reason the gov't gives you a 20 year license to develop it further without hindrance by competitors trying to steal your original idea. However they may invent something different for the same problem and then it's "May the best invention win!" but that's how competition is.
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