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Which courses are most useful to an engineering major?

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I am a first year mechanical (or electrical) engineering major and would like to get some advice on which courses would complement my major best.
I am thinking about doing a minor in either maths or computer science.
I am already taking linear algebra, multivariable calculus, differential equations and vector calculus because they are prerequisite maths courses for all engineering majors so if I do my minor in maths I would do real analysis, complex analysis, PDE's and probability/statistics.
If I do my minor in computer science, I would be doing these courses: algorithms and data structures, OOP, AI, software modelling and simulation, computer systems, CS project and theory of computation.
I need to decide whether to do maths or CS minor at the start of next semester. I think maths will help me a lot in understanding concepts in engineering at a deeper level, whereas, computer science will be more marketable and will probably help me more in my day to day work.
Which courses do you think I should take and why?
Would very much appreciate your advice.

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