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Which courses will graduate schools like better

  1. Mar 17, 2010 #1
    Hey so I am entering my senior year next year and am wondering what courses to take. If i just take what I like then it's an easy choice but I am a little worried as to what graduate schools will think of my decision and the overall benefits and disadvantages.

    first choice is the take under graduate topology in the fall followed by linear algebra in the spring. (I have already sat in on linear algebra and know everything I need that's why I never took it)

    second choice is to take graduate algebra 1 and 2. I have already taken all the undergraduate algebra that is offered and algebra/logic are my areas of interest.

    any advice would be much appreciated. These courses are pretty standard i assume but I can provide more information if needed. (btw I can't do both since the times conflict and algebra 1 and topo are only offered in the fall)
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