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Which CS class should I take

  1. Jul 7, 2011 #1
    I really want to get a programming internship next summer. Which one of these classes would be the best preparation for one?

    Object Oriented and Advanced Programming (difficulty: very hard)
    Database Management Systems (difficulty: moderate)
    User Interface Development (difficulty: moderate)
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    What kind of programming internship are you hoping to get? Embedded system programming? Web-based programming? Smartphone application programming? IT system development? What kind of opportunities are there?

    What is your programming background? What languages have you learned and used? What kinds of programs have you written so far?
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    I really wouldn't mind getting any programming internship. And the only language I know is C++ (just finished up a data structures class). Also, I've only done class projects.

    Am I getting way in over my head? lol

    EDIT: I should've mentioned that this question is for the Winter semester. In the fall, I'm taking classes titled 'Data Structures and Algorithms' (in C++) and 'computer organization' (which has to due with programming in Assembly, i believe).
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    Object Oriented Programming(OOP) is mostly used with the 'newer' languages out there - any .NET(VB, c#, etc), Java, Python. There's many languages that are OO - plus more non-OO languages adding object oriented features such as Perl and PHP.

    OOP is odd to work with if you haven't had any experience. New things including encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance/delegation, recursion, classes, instances, and methods are just a few key features of Object Oriented Programming. Since you have C++ experience languages such as Java and c# would come easy since C++ influenced C# and Java.

    Just give it time. You will get used to it and it will be just like anything else you've learned. I recommend practicing a bit of it if you are going to take the OOP/advance programming class. It will greatly help you.
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    Do you think I should take the OOP class?
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    I'd say do the OOP/Programming class. It's the most generally applicable class of the three you list... for my money.
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    The first one.
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    I recommend the first one.
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    Okay the first one it is.

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